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The VRBOutstanding STR Course

An Online Program For STR Owners
Who Are Frustrated With Few Bookings, Lower Revenue Than Expected, And Disrespectful Guests

The VRBOutstanding STR course teaches you how to start and grow a successful vacation rental by owner business.

This self-paced course teaches you how to build and scale your short-term rental business.  From learning how to get 5-star reviews with every stay, managing your biggest expense - taxes, increasing revenue, and achieving a higher closing rate, discover what it takes to go from 'VRBOrdinary to VRBOutstanding.

Launch Your STR

A step-by-step guide to help you launch your STR the right way, while avoiding mistakes others are making.

Profitable Guidance

Learn how to maximize your revenue and bookings while increasing your inquiries resulting in less stress.

Comprehensive Course

Streamline your setup in just 9 hours. You'll learn everything you need to manage your short-term rental property.

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Meet Mark Mancini

I have over 20 years of Real Estate experience and 8-figures in outright holdings, so that I can help you achieve some of the financial success that we’ve experienced by investing conservatively.

I made millions in rental income and have developed proven processes that are repeatable for expected results that you can count on for increased revenue and 5-star reviews.

I'm the developer of a STR cleaning app that maximizes the guest experience and I will provide to you with the course so that you will have fewer guest complaints and increased guest satisfaction by allowing for early check-ins

I started an IT company and sold it to a publicly-traded company and I can teach you how to work ON your business not IN it, so that you can have an automated 5-star booking machine!

My wife is Doli Biondillo, a Pulmonary/Critical Care Physician whose parents were successful landlords.  She learned hands-on how to manage LTRs and Land Contracts.  She’s now the half of the brains with our 2 Keys homes she helps manage.

"I've been involved with real estate and STRs for a while but this gave me what I needed to feel confident going to a higher-end market!"

- Lucas Sadowski

Avoid the 5 BIGGEST mistakes people make when the go live with their listing!

Just making ONE of these mistakes can cost you THOUSANDS of dollars and they are done DAILY by STR owners across the country!  It's TRUE!  I see them post these issues in Facebook Groups and feel COMPLETELY DEJECTED!  Don't let this be you!

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Course Overview

What You're Going to Learn

Module 1

Should You Buy A Short Term Rental?

Is this the right industry for you?  I'll explain the benefits along with how to get started in your search for a location and home to earn you money.

  • Homes vs Condos 
  • Where to look
  • Better understanding investment Real Estate

Module 2

The Financials

I'll discuss the "long game " and the "short game" for vacation rentals and how important both of them are for building wealth.  I will go into depreciation strategies to minimize taxes and other strategies.

  • Understanding HOW wealth is built 
  • What features bring in more revenue
  • Budgeting techniques for repairs and upgrades

Module 3

Business 101

You are NOT "just a host", you are a business person with a business and I'll share what tools are needed to succeed.  I'll discuss protecting your assets with an LLC and offsetting taxes.

  • The importance of an LLC and how to form one
  • Tax Strategies for success
  • Building your Professional Team

Module 4

Preparing Your Short Term Rental

I'll advise you on the different options to efficiently ready your property for guests while also making it safe.  I'll discuss how to protect yourself and the amenities you MUST have to achieve greatness.

  • Best amenities for the buck for more bookings 
  • EXACTLY how to attract better guests
  • How to ensure that your guests enjoy a SAFE stay

Module 5

Furnishing Your Short Term Rental

I'll show you all of the little things that you need for your home that guests didn't even realize anyone would think of providing.  Creating a brand and theme for repeat business.

  • How to build and market a niche home
  • Items BEYOND any list of furnishings you've seen
  • Utilizing technology to provide an easy management system

Module 6

Managing Your Short Term Rental

I'll explain the details of all the different management types and how to make ONE work the best for you.  I'll discuss pricing, collecting taxes, discounts, and most important - IMPECCABLE CLEANERS!

  • Keeping more of your money while having  support 
  • Pricing strategies  and how to fully automate proven strategies
  • How to avoid complaints about cleanliness and set expectations

Module 7

The Polishing Of The Product

I'll give DETAILS on cheap and free marketing you must do from Day 1 to be seen online, even if you are not a computer person.  Learn how to present your property and handle issues properly.  I'll explain communication secrets and techniques to maximize closing rates.

  • The SECRET of the 4 contacts explained
  • You will increase your closing rate exponentially
  • You will learn how to better communicate and sell to ANY inquiry

Module 8

Listing Tips And Tricks

Learn the secrets of getting to the top of searches and how to stop a guest in their tracks and book your property before they look at others.  You'll learn every nuance with staging and photographs needed to succeed.

  • You will learn how make a listing that crushes your competition
  • Learn nuanced verbiage that elicits the booking
  • Learn secrets to maximizing stays and shortening the sales cycle

Module 9

Handling Hurricane Aftermath

If your STR is coastal, it is just a matter of time before you deal with a hurricane.  But, the quicker you respond, the quicker you can earn again.  I can shorten that time immensely!

  • Know ahead of time what you need and what to expect 
  • Contractor secrets on quicker and cheaper solutions
  • Details for you to save money and possibly pick up another STR

You'll Also Get These 5 Bonuses:

Bonus One:

A 60-minutes 1:1 coaching call with Mark how to optimize your STR with strategies based on the attributes specific to your property so that you WILL earn more money with FEWER headaches.

Bonus Two:

Download: Templates: the exact things to include on your business cards, so that you don’t miss anything.  We'll also show you an elevator pitch that WILL make that card a booking.

Bonus Three:

Download: Templates for thank you notes for guests with KEY verbiage to solidify a 5-star review.  With this note leaning against your personalized gift, you have just set the tone for the week.

Bonus Four:

The VRBOutstanding Spreadsheet and checklists for things to put in every room of the home AND outdoors to properly furnish your STR.  This list will exceed their expectations and sets the bar others strive for.

Bonus Five: VRBOutstanding's Property Management Course!

This 90-minute course will go over all you need to know on how to manage other people's STRs.  Earn the same profits without the risks!  Learn how to easily scale your PM business to 6-figures within a year using all of the same tools you will learn in VRBOutstanding. 

  • Get all the info you need to start, LEGALLY
  • Learn the tools you need to automate the process
  • Find out that it is EASIER to manage more homes
  • Learn how to market and succeed for unlimited potential

In This 9-Module Course You Will Discover How to:

  • Find and evaluate a STR
  • Furnish a STR properly
  • Cost-effectively and efficiently market your STR
  • Use technology to automate & manage your STR
  • Minimize taxes and use 1031 Exchanges
  • Be your own boss and reach your exit goal

Who is This Course For?

Beginners and seasoned STR property owners can benefit from this course.  Whether you're looking to purchase your first STR or want to grow your current rental business, this course aims to drastically increase your cash flow, marketability, and knowledge of running a successful STR.

Increased Bookings

Eliminate Cancellations

Increased Rates

More 5-Star Ratings

The Easy-to-Follow Course Teaches You How to:

  • MASTER the 4 contacts to set expectations and get 5-star reviews
  •  Use a professional team to minimize your taxes and liability
  • Run your STR like a REAL business in all aspects
  • Automate processes, so you work ON your business, not IN your business
  • Have an exit plan from Day 1 and work towards it
  • Do ALL of the little things right, because a 5-star review is the SUM of them

Why Take The VRBOutstanding Course?

Unlike others in the industry, my wife and I have bought 8 figures worth of real estate.  Not only do I understand the ins and outs of the industry, but I'm also passionate about helping others thrive.  This course covers how to make your STR more appealing, marketing tactics, how to create the best guest experience, and so much more.

Instead of relying on VRBO/AIRBNB or a management company, learn how to generate your own success.  In just 9 hours, you'll learn the skills, tools, and resources to change the trajectory of your rental property and your financial future.  You and your STR are worth this small investment.

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"I have been an STR owner for years but still learned so much, I didn't realize how much more there was!"

- Janet DePalma

Your Investment

Easy Payments


5 Monthly Payments

  • Find and evaluate a STR
  • Furnish a STR properly
  • Cost-effectively and efficiently market your STR
  • Use technology to automate & manage your STR
  • Minimize taxes and use 1031 Exchanges
  • Be your own boss and reach your exit goal
  • BONUS: 60-minutes 1:1 coaching call
  • BONUS: Property Management Courseware
  • BONUS: Templates for thank you notes for guests
  • BONUS: Business card templates
  • BONUS: Spreadsheet and checklists
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Pay in Full


One Time Payment

  • Find and evaluate a STR
  • Furnish a STR properly
  • Cost-effectively and efficiently market your STR
  • Use technology to automate & manage your STR
  • Minimize taxes and use 1031 Exchanges
  • Be your own boss and reach your exit goal
  • BONUS: 60-minutes 1:1 coaching call
  • BONUS: Property Management Courseware
  • BONUS: Templates for thank you notes for guests
  • BONUS: Business card templates
  • BONUS: Spreadsheet and checklists
Yes! I Want This!

Money Back Guarantee!

I’m removing ANY barrier for purchase, if you complete this 9-hour course and didn’t learn anything, you will get a FULL REFUND.  You have no more excuses to wait!

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