Your Vacation Home Bookings Slowed Way Down ...

You Went live and Your Calendar is Empty ...

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How Profitable Vacation Home Owners Succeed

  • Let me get right to the point 
  • This isn't a side hustle for me 
  • I've built three successful and profitable vacation homes 
  • Investing time and money learning how to get more bookings 
  • Each calendar filling method was tested and tweaked 
  • Resulting in quick repeatable, simple-to-implement booking methods
  • You'll use these methods, to get more leads and convert them into bookings 

 Outbook Other Vacation Homes In Your Area

The world recently changed in a big way.

Things got really bad for a while ... bookings plummeted or just disappeared

I want to help you turn that around and outbook every home in your area

And to do that ...

I'm going to give you my proven, time-tested quick wins to get your calendar filled 

These are the very same methods I use daily to rent our vacation homes more than any other home in the area

I’m not talking about repurposed content or theory ...

No fluff and no BS ...

Just proven real-world simple methods to rent your home.

Isn’t it time to right the sinking ship and turn your situation around fast?

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How The Short Term Vacation “5 Star Dare” Came To Be

Hi friend,

I’m Mark Mancini,

Hi friend,

I’m Mark Mancini,

In 2000, my wife Doli and I decided to vacation more like locals, not as hotel tourists.

We made up a game called, “5 Star Dare” and at each of the 31 homes we rented,

We’d make a list of likes & dislikes, what the host did right & wrong and …

What we would do to improve the experience If it was our home.

This became our ‘5 Star Vacation Home Hospitality Experience Model’

Fast forward 2012 …
We purchased our first vacation home in the Murrells Inlet, South Carolina, and applied the “5 Star Model” to ensure our home delivered a 5-star hospitality experience.

And as a result, it was booked  SIGNIFICANTLY more than any other home in the area. 

Each of our 2 current profitable Florida vacation homes are booked 34-35 weeks a year!

That’s 14 MORE bookings than the 20-per-year other area homes average!

We’ve hosted well over 500 stays with over 10,000 guests!

 By delivering a 5-star hospitality experience we book SIGNIFICANTLY more than any other home in the area. 

Our Vacation Homes Are Serious Money -Making Businesses 

I never stop trying strategies, implementing small changes, seeing how it works, testing, tweaking pricing, procedure, and strategies to discover what works best … I do this year after year.

Then I put everything on autopilot

It's All About More Bookings On Your Calendar

The quick wins and methods are simple to reproduce in any area, for any type of Vacation Rental Home.

It doesn’t matter, as long as you put what I've figured out for you. 
You’ll get repeatable results.

I've made the mistakes so you don't have to.

  Piggyback on my successes with

  • Quick calendar filling tips, tricks and secrets I’ve learned, implemented, tested and tweaked
  • Methods to help you weather any economic downturn and outbook the competition. 

Like Most, You’re Probably  Super-Cautious About
False Claims Promising Big Results


  • Gotten FB advice that doesn’t work.
  • Watched YT videos by so-called experts who tell you what to do and it doesn’t help.
  • Wasted hours sifting through digital junk.

There’s so much mis-information from “gurus” ...
who don’t give you solid BUSINESS advice with reproducible results.

You may have even gotten advice from real estate people …
Hello … this business is all about hospitality …

And the last thing you want is another course.

Forget Uncertainty, Try This Instead

Vacation Home Mastery is NOT some YouTube compilation or a repurposed course

This is a serious step-by-step, proven, tested, tweaked and proven repeatable processes that makes money …

Guaranteed (I’ll get to that in a minute)

What I’m About to Teach You Happens Fast

This isn’t a course that takes months to learn.

There’s Nothing to figure out, I’ve tried it all and figured it out for you. 

Ride my coattails to renting your home more often and profitably.

Choose one of the 12 Sure Fire Methods, watch the short information packed videos and quickly implement the win. 

That’s It!

Sure Fire Formula to Get More Bookings

When you invest in Vacation Home Mastery, you'll immediately get 12 proven methods and quick wins so you:

  • Move from Struggling to Focusing on 5 Star Reviews
  • Immediately See a Boost in Leads and Bookings
  • Automate Your Short Term Rental - Then Rinse and Repeat
  • Take Your Vacation Rental Home to the Next Level
  • Feel More Confident and at Ease & Get More Bookings

You’ll get my top 12, time-tested, proven methods tips, tricks, and secrets to show you exactly how to get more home rentals.

Get Vacation Home Mastery for ONLY $197

Here’s Some of What’s Covered:

  • How to Get FREE Leads from Facebook (Section 12 @ 4:15)
  • Simple Listing Tweaks to Increase Bookings: From Real-World Listings (Section 6 C @ :05)
  • The Cheapest Way to Get Bookings … It’s So Simple (Section 8 @ :30)
  • The #1 Reason People Don’t Book And How To Turn It Around Fast (Section 9 @ 1:35)
  • Tech-Hacks From An IT Guy (Me) Get Back 1-2 Hours a Month of Your Time a Month (Section 1 @ 11:06)
  • Model Compelling Headlines To Rent Your Home More Often (Section (6B @ 10:33)
  • Do This Simple Strategy 15 Minutes A Day - Get One Booking A Month (Section 12 @ 4:10)
  • Rank Higher In Google By Making One Simple Change To Your Booking Engine (Section 3 @ 4:22)
  • Change 1 Simple Setting that Gets A Guest To Book With You Over Your Competition (Section 3 @ 2:30)
  • Eliminate Friends & Family Freebie Stays (I give you my script to turn them into money in the bank and Free Advertising (Section 2 @ 2:30)
  • Immediately Stop Shoplifters Who Steal From You By Booking Then Cancelling (Section 4 @ :42)
  • This One Amenity Will Increase Bookings And Bring Higher Quality Quests (Section 7 @ 3:20)
  • Instantly Generate Bookings With This One Simple Strategy (Section 11 @ :45)
  • Choose The Most Effective Domain For Your Direct Booking Site That Gets you More Traffic and More Bookings (Section 10 @ 4:00)

Every video is designed to give you what you need to make changes fast and transform your home into a revenue generating, appreciating asset.

When You Invest in Vacation Home Mastery:
12 Sure-Fire Ways to Increase Bookings and Revenue

  • You’ll get instant access to 15 Hi Quality Professional Video Modules.
  • Watch online anywhere: at work, home or on the go.
  • Each bite-sized, information-packed video is only 3 to 14 minutes long. (Perfect to absorb quick AND watch over and over.)

The course is $297. As an IT guy, I like to honor early adopters of software with a huge incentive to get more people filling their calendars. So, until the end of the year, I’m offering a gift of $100 off the course to get you started and to make it a no brainer decision.

One additional booking more than pays for the course.

You’ll most likely get a ROI even before the credit card bill arrives.

30-Day 100% Satisfaction Money-Back Guarantee

You will use these revenue generating techniques for years to come …

If for any reason you don’t think Vacation Home Mastery is worth many times the price you paid … just email me and you’ll get a prompt full refund no questions asked.

30-Day 100% Satisfaction Money-Back Guarantee

You will use these revenue generating techniques for years to come …

If for any reason you don’t think Vacation Home Mastery is worth many times the price you paid … just email me and you’ll get a prompt full refund no questions asked.

Don’t You Deserve More Bookings And More Revenues?

Filling your calendar is of utmost importance right now. 
If you keep doing what you’ve been doing and expecting different results (Einstein’s definition of insanity):
You’re not going to fill your calendar any time soon. 

So, what else are you going to do?

What you’ve tried to date isn’t working.

I promise this course will help you fill your calendar, let me help you.

I’ve lived this since 2012

My experience, expertise and all my mistakes let you jump to the front of the line …

I will teach you to get more bookings and fill your calendar. Plain and simple.

You know the price of $197 is fair ...
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Get Vacation Home Mastery for ONLY $197